Team 5 : “Counseling and guidance “

Team 5 : “ counseling and guidance” 

The work within this team focuses primarily on activating  counseling and guidance process because of its direct impact on the quality of life of individuals and groups. The need to develop a guideline working and indicative become urgent and pressing, especially in light of the openness of societies to each other, and the mutual influence between them.The areas of interest to the team’s members include:

1.  Evaluation  of counseling and  guidance and  the role of  the counselor in the Algerian institutions.

2.  Adult counseling  in the light of realities the Algerian society and within its culture and traditions.

3.  Professional counseling and guidance (professional guidance; education and professional  preparation ; adequate adaptation with professional map; training for multiple objectives).

4.  Guidance – counseling and  social ills.

5.  Orientation and instruction of the community in light of life complexity ( promoting a prevention culture; migration to and from the Algerian society and its challenges; human relations in Algerian society ; the economy in the life of the individual , family and society; unemployment and vocational guidance )

6.  Vocational guidance in light of changes in Algerian society (professions of tomorrow ; activating the educative and formative role of the educational institutions; adapting training to rapid socio- economic transformations.)

7.  Counseling and mental health ( anxiety in contemporary societies , psychosomatic illnesses in Algerian society , preventing depression , sport and mental health).

8.  Development of research and follow-up mechanisms facilitating the study  of the Algerian family (adaptation and  production of psychological tests  to be used  with the Algerian family ).

9.  Marital and family counseling (follow-up of  the children education ;socialization achievement , successful and unsuccessful marriage; divorce; quarrels within the family; the spinsterhood phenomenon ; adult guidance, the family and the disabled;  child exploitation phenomenon)

10.  Counseling and educational institutions (school failure, school delays, school dropout,   guidance and educator difficulties;  family- school, and genius; the phenomenon of  cheating ; how the school prepares for tomorrow?)

11.  Guidance and productive and servicing institutions (negative phenomena :Indifference, idleness, absenteeism, corruption, ..)

12.  Challenges and difficulties of research and active researcher strategies

13.  Religious counseling (evaluation  of religious speech, rationalization of religious speech, is religiosity still a healthy phenomenon?)

14.  Counseling  and media (media consumption; media challenges; media’s  role in promoting national identity; media and social cohesion; the reality of the media message

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