Team 4: ” Psychology of work and organization ”

Team 4 : “ Psychology of organization and work”

Research efforts within this group are moving towards an analytical study of the world of work with an emphasis on  the problems of human, relational and organizational  nature faced by institutions. Among the areas to which the members have given special attention , we find :

1.  Negative and positive behavioral manifestations of young Algerians.

2.  Professional pressure in the Algerian institutions.

3.  Quality of education and challenges of higher education institutions.

4.  Learning and school dropout problems.

5.  The phenomenon of cheating in educational institutions.

6.  Exploitation of science of human engineering in the improvement of working conditions , increasing performance and in confronting the difficulties and problems .

7.  Adaptation strategy  to the stressful life positions and its relationship to public health.

8.  Influence of culture on work  .


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