Team 3: ” Teaching and Training ”


The effort within the “Education and Training” unit is mainly invested in a continuous evaluation of education and training processes  in Algerian schools and educational institutions, with the aim to highlight the strengths and weaknesses , and to submit proposals which can be exploited in the reforms carried out by   the education   and training sectors.  The main areas of research on which the team has been concentrating include :

  1. Relationship between education and formation.
  2. School problems and difficulties.
  3. Education, training and unemployment.
  4. Vocational training in light of changes in Algerian society.
  5. Education and training in a changing world.
  6. The pedagogical relationship.
  7. Educational goals and appropriate means.
  8. The school in  its humanitarian , social, educational and scientific aspects.
  9. Curriculum and the learners
  10. Pedagogical errors.
  11. Didactics and pedagogy.
  12. Sources of pressure on the teacher and the learner and their impact on the performance of each.
  13. Effective Education.
  14. Making programs and contribution to the evolution of subject content .
  15. Formation of teachers and  globalization (new tasks in a new a order  of priorities).

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