Team 1: ” Family “


Members’ research effort focus  on family issues and especially on  those that have direct implications on the  individual  and society. Of the main areas given special emphasis:

  1. Family and mental health.
  2. Humanitarian relationship within the family cell (coexistence, sacrifice, differences and conflict, diversity, …)
  3. Unsuccessful marriage  and its implications (Who benefits from the unsuccessful marriage ? has   its prolongation any  solid bases  ?)
  4. The phenomenon of divorce and its effects on parents and children. (Evaluative follow-up of the divorce experience for all family members (mother, father and children)).
  5. Family authority over the children and the challenges they face.
  6. Family and educational project. (Relation between the family and school)
  7. Family and technological development (Internet, media, …)
  8. Family and vocational guidance.
  9. Family and certain phenomena (spinsterhood, moral deviation within the family, crime …)
  10. Stressful family situations (family without children, family with unique child, the family of boys ,the family of girls, unmarried mothers , family and chronic disease , family and autism, family and mental disorders)

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