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Evolution and development with education is self-evident . Without its contribution society won’t move one step forward  and wouldn’t  have witnessed all these  positive transformations.  In fact , any defect or weakness in the strategic educational work is bound to have implications for the development movement of the community. This is not surprising because the man which education provides is at the center of any civilization and represents its real capital.The efficient education makes easier for the human being  to  develop  appropriate abilities , acquire necessary skills and competencies  as well as to raise his performance  level to the  real potential and abilities so that he would be better prepared  to creatively help his society raise challenges , overcome obstacles and  move towards  more prosperity and progress.And as development needs human skills and high qualifications , which are but the fruit of the educational effort, we also need to continuously review this latter in its  objectives,  content ,  and  tools so that education could keep up with the rapid changes that occur in communities and easily  adapt to the new developments .All these elements are integrated into the ‘Development and Education’ laboratory research activities , proceeding  from a problematic which has as a starting point  the relationship between development and education .  Because of this link , the areas of interest in  the laboratory are naturally diverse and  multiple and  may in the future branch out to a larger number depending on  any future developments.

Introduction of the Laboratory 

The laboratory ” Education and Development ” was established in 2000 and in its horizon to achieve the following objectives:

1.Linking scientific research to educational application areas .

2. Favoring  educational, psychological, social and ergonomic research for development .

3. Providing  database of fundamental research for the different areas of development.

4. Contributing to the resolution of development problems by mobilizing multidisciplinary research teams.

5.Coordination between the various disciplines present in the laboratory research areas to face all problematics  with  multidisciplinary nature.

Laboratory objectives:

  1. Highlighting the nature of the relationship between education and development and evolution .
  2. Study how to guide education and activate  it  in the direction of community service.
  3. Evaluate the contribution of each educational institution (family, kindergarten, school …) in the rehabilitation and e preparation of the human elements.
  4. Identify the formative programs that are relevant to the needs of development and evolution
  5. Assessment and improvement of  human performance as the basis for the development of society (during  the training period and after ).
  6. Use of the results of intellectual education and particularly the creative abilities of individuals  in the development of society.
  7. Support and guidance of professional education to respond to the requirements of society development.
  8. Health education the best way to provide investments for the development of society .

Major axes of research:

  1. Raising the community to the level of power and efficiency and increasing  its competitive potential by providing strong and well qualified human elements .
  2. Preventive education and maintenance of the society continued growth.
  3. Education the effective way to ensure the society influential presence in globalization..
  4. Education a means of achieving food security and economic independence.
  5. Education and promotion of citizenship.

Research teams :

The research teams are created in the light of the lab goals and priorities and according to its  needs and requirements. For this, some of these teams continue to work as long as they are achieving  goals and making  contributions, and some will naturally stop when their tasks are finished. At the present time, “Education and development” lab embraces five search teams which are as follows:

Team  1: Family

Team  2:Education “

Team 3: Teaching  and Training

Team 4:Psychology of work and organization .”

Team  5 :Counseling and guidance

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